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Over time, the cooling system of the vehicle will develop scales to gather harmful deposits hence reducing the efficiency of the system causing the engine to run hot. We have chosen a versatile radiator coolant brands such as AL SAFA, AL SAQR, AQUA, COOL-X, MR. COOL, THERMO-COOL TURBO, and which meets the requirement of ISO Standards such as ISO14001-2015, ISO18001-2007, ISO9001-2015. Its specialized developed formulation keeps the engine cool, protects radiator and head from corrosion, and gives vital protection. Our quality products are being used in various countries like Armenia, MENA region and Sri Lanka.

Packing :1 Ltr x 12 Pcs /1 Gln x 4 Pcs /1 Gln x 6 Pcs/5 Ltr x 4 pcs /20 Ltr can /200 Ltr Drum /1000 Ltr IBC

Antifreeze Coolant Specification – 5 % to 100 %

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Aqua Radiator Coolant

cool x antifreez

Cool x Antifreez Radiator Coolants 5 % - 100 %

al safa radiator

Al Safa Radiator Coolants

mr. cool radiator

Mr. Cool Radiator Coolant

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