Radiator Coolant & Anti Freeze Manufacturers

We are one of the leading suppliers of radiator coolant and a well-known antifreeze manufacturers in Dubai, which are used on different types of vehicles for heat transfer purposes. It is very efficient in transferring the heat and at the same time preventing scale and corrosion of the radiator or other cooling system. This coolant is anti freeze which is used during winter due to the low freezing point and anti boiling on summer.

D-M-Water 1 Ltr. 4 Ltr./ 1 Gln. 5 Ltr. 20 Ltr.
Packing (-/ctn) 12pcs 4pcs 1pcs 1pcs
Case Weight (kg) 11.500 14.300 20.000 20.000
Case Size (cm) 36.5x27x22 38x21x31.5 38x21x31.5 29x22x38

Other cleaning chemical products we offer are car shampoo, d-m water, battery acid and more. For additional inquiries, you may contact us today!