The Battery Acid Manufacturers

We are the leading supplier of battery acids in Dubai and providers of quality chemical products in UAE. Batteries are designed to use a combination of plates which are made up of lead along with an electrolyte which consists of a diluted sulfuric acid to convert electrical energy into potential chemical energy and vice versa. This acid however can allow us to have portable power through SLA batteries but the actual acid can be very dangerous due to its highly corrosive nature.

D-M-Water 1 Ltr. 4 Ltr./ 1 Gln. 5 Ltr. 20 Ltr.
Packing (-/ctn) 12pcs 4pcs 1pcs 1pcs
Case Weight (kg) 14.700 19.600 24.500 25.000
Case Size (cm) 36.5x27x22 38x21x31.5 38x21x31.5 29x22x38

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