Cement Scale Remover

We supply powerful cement cleaner in Dubai which is made up of chemical cleaner specially formulated for cleaning concrete forms, trucks, mixers, scaffolding clips, metals, boilers, meters and tubing. The remover is made up of ingredients which work to penetrate into the object deeply and it also contains agents that limit corrosion. Our cement cleaner in UAE removes all the cement with ease and cleans concrete mixer Lorries, cement mixers, forms, tires, spurs and concrete from screws. Our product is twice as powerful as the regular cleaners.

D-M-Water 1 Ltr. 4 Ltr./ 1 Gln. 5 Ltr. 20 Ltr.
Packing (-/ctn) 12pcs 4pcs 1pcs 1pcs
Case Weight (kg) 11.500 14.300 20.000 20.000
Case Size (cm) 36.5x27x22 38x21x31.5 38x21x31.5 29x22x38

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