Drainage Opener Manufacturer

Drainage opener is a clear liquid with a characteristic odor. It usually cuts through water, grease and hair for unclogging the drains faster. We provide drainage openers whose dissolving action is fast and effective. The liquid is made up of an alkali formation which dissolves grease and dirt very quickly.

Al Saqr supplies Drainage Opener products in Dubai which hydrolyzes the proteins found in the particles blocking the pipes. The reactions are accompanied by the heat generated when the drainage opener dissolves in water. These products are highly corrosive and must be handled with great caution.

D-M-Water 1 Ltr. 4 Ltr./ 1 Gln. 5 Ltr. 20 Ltr.
Packing (-/ctn) 12pcs 4pcs 1pcs 1pcs
Case Weight (kg) 25.000 27.500 37.000 37.000
Case Size (cm) 36.5x27x22 38x21x31.5 38x21x31.5 29x22x38

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