Aqua Battery Acid

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Battery acid could refer to any acid used in a chemical cell or battery, but usually, this term describes the acid used in a lead-acid battery, such as those found in motor vehicles. Car or automotive battery acid is 30-50% sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in water. Usually, the acid has a mole fraction of 29%-32% sulfuric acid, a density of 1.25–1.28 kg/L, and a concentration of 4.2–5 mol/L. Battery acid has a pH of approximately 0.8.
Al Saqr Industries. L.L.C. has been producing a wide variety of battery acids for the commercial, automotive, marine, telecommunications, industrial, and stationary markets. We specialize in the brand Aqua, Al Saqr. The product quality meets even the most demanding specification requirements. Al Saqr Ind. L.L.C offers our clients quick and prompt delivery as we have enough vehicles to deliver the products at the customer’s doorstep. We have a large warehouse in Armenia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, and the United Arab Emirates to stock our full range products to help us to serve customers at any time. Our strong retail network throughout the Armenia, U.A.E. and Middle East offers quick and excellent after-sales service to its valued customers.

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