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Al Saqr Industries L.L.C , located in Sajja, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) , is a company which specializes in manufacturing a series of daily chemicals such as household cleaning, vehicle liquids, personal care products and packaging items . The company owns several brands such as “AQUA”, “KLEAN-X” , “COOL-X”, “TURBO” and “THERMO-COOL”. Owning a powerful R & D department contributes to the incredible quality of our products that enjoy positive reputation around G.C.C and African Markets as well as other countries worldwide.

In 2007, Aqua products were introduced to the market; it is a high quality and eco-friendly range of products that integrates research capacity, production base, worldwide sales and customer service jointly. Our lines of products include items such as Drainage Opener, Battery Acid, De-ionized Battery Water, Radiator Coolants, Anti-Freeze Radiator Coolants, Aqua Blue- the diesel/ carbon exhaust fluid, Cleaning Acid, Cement Scale and Rust Removers, Cleaning liquids and a variety of personal care products.

In 2010, the company made a further leap owing to the enormous success and goodwill it earned in UAE market by introducing different brands. It entered the local Omani market with favorable result in 2012 and now there are three branches in Oman.



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