Crystal Clean Extra Washing Powder

Buy high quality Crystal clean extra detergent washing powder for household laundry uses. Order Laundry detergent washing powder on saqrme online!

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Crystal clean washing powder is a good quality detergent powder for household laundry purposes. Its strong cleaning abilities stand out in particular since they can remove tough stains and filth even in hard water situations when other detergents might not be able to. The powder’s abrasive qualities help to improve cleaning power, guaranteeing that clothing come out fresher and cleaner. Because washing powder packaging is generally made of recyclable materials that cut down on plastic waste, it is often more environmentally friendly. Buy high quality Crystal clean extra detergent washing powder for household laundry uses. Order Laundry detergent washing powder on saqrme online!

Crystal clean Extra washing powder offers various advantages that makes the best choice for laundry cleaning. Our washing powder is highly recommended for removing a wide range of stain due to its combination of ingredient, enzymes, and bleaching agents. The ingredients break down grease and oils while enzymes specifically target protein-based, carbohydrate-based, and fat-based stains, ensuring thorough cleaning. Extra washing powder contains fabrics that’s make the cloths brighter and whiter. They are also created with sodium carbonate and sodium silicate, this contains with water and enhance the efficiency of the detergent, making it suitable for use in various water conditions. Crystal washing powders are simple and cost effective also having a shelf life compared to liquid detergents.

Premium fragrances are added for getting fresh smell in washed clothes. Our washing powder also in corporate fabric softeners to leave clothes feeling soft and reduce dirty smell. The carefully formulated ingredients ensure that washing powder not only cleans effectively but also preserves the quality and freshness of fabrics content. Crystal clean Extra washing powder is produced for household uses and all purpose of laundry activities. Shop Extra washing powder on saqrme.com online and make your daily laundry routine crystal clear.


  • Effective Cleaning Removes tough stains and dirt from clothes.
  • Brightening agents preserve the vibrancy of colors and whites.
  • Preserves the various textiles’ textures and qualities.
  • retains the different textures and characteristics of the textiles
  • Leaves clothing with a nice, fresh scent.
  • Eliminates germs and bacteria thanks to its antibacterial properties.
  • Has antimicrobial qualities that help eliminate bacteria and germs.
  • It dissolves easily and performs effectively in both hot and cold water.
  • Can be used economically because they require less per load.
  • Safe for delicate skin and infant clothing are the hypoallergenic varieties.
  • Frequently offered in reusable or recyclable containers.
  • Both hand and machine washing are possible with this multipurpose tool.


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