Klean-X Lavender Hand Wash | Hand Wash 5 litre online


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Klean-X Lavender Hand Wash:

Introducing Saqrme’s Lavender Hand Wash! Our store offers the perfect blend of quality, freshness, and pricing.

Saqrme transforms your handwashing routine into a unique experience. Enjoy our lavender Hand Wash product. Let’s explore how we specially craft our handwash liquid for both home and industrial use!

Why lavender hand wash?

We offer our customers rigorously tested and qualified products. This commitment led us to introduce our lavender hand washing to the market. The product delivers a luxurious feel with every use of its lavender flavour.

Tested product:-

At Saqrme, we’ve tested this flavour extensively to make sure you can savour its premium touch. Everyone should experience the satisfaction of using this premium lavender hand wash at least once.

This hand wash liquid truly provides a delightful hand-washing experience. That is why we introduced unique handwashes in marketing. We strongly believe that our product delivers a luxurious sensation with every handwash.

The real protection:

Our tested handwashing product delivers a luxurious feel and combats germs. Our products have the power to enhance protection, whether you’re at the workplace or home.

It offers comprehensive protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses. Not only will you keep your hands clean, but you will also shield your self from invisible invaders lurking on surfaces with our products. Therefore, feel confident and happy to purchase our products.


Our main aim is to provide high-quality products with a luxury flavour at an affordable price for everyone. Not only does our lavender hand wash protect you, but it comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Price is not a matter of quality. Easy ordering of our products online with exact offers on every purchase.

Branding that speaks volumes:

Our Lavender Hand Wash stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction. By using our handwash, not only do we take care of you. The flavours in our products offer a unique experience for you.

Saqrme offers extra discounts on matching prices for every customer who makes a purchase. We aim to bring a smile to every customer’s face by purchasing our products. To consider our brand more dependable than others, people cite this as the reason.

Additionally Info:-

Cleanse your hands today and promote a healthy defence against germs and bacteria!

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